Villa California

The plot for this villa is shallow but very wide. The full-width building makes the most of this, with the Axe&D house spreading out voluptuously, just like the 180° view, with Annecy in the background. The solid oak cladding, which is not available on the market, was manufactured in Ateliers Dunoyer. As is often the case in home projects, staircases do not just serve a practical purpose – they also play a part in interior decoration. A broad staircase leads from the mid-storey entrance down to the lounge, while another takes you up to the gallery overlooking it. Its double-fronted facade gives the villa an even more spacious, voluminous appearance, while at the same time creating an impression of lightness thanks to all its glazed surfaces. Designer furniture fits in perfectly with these structured lines. As the house of a famous producer, it is easy to imagine it in the hills of Los Angeles or overlooking the ocean along the west coast of the US.

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