Without limit in our pursuit of an idea; without compromise in our pursuit of beauty.

Axe&D, architect and developer of custom chalets and villas since 1985, invites you to discover our full project range near Annecy in Haute-Savoie.

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Axe&D's philosophy

Each project is unique, illustrating in its own distinct way an approach to life which we are delighted to share with all lovers of beauty, comfort, and living well. We offer our services to those who refuse to compromise on either quality or the element of the extraordinary that they wish to see in their living spaces. Your wildest dreams become our priority.


Beyond the architecture of an exclusive wood-built home, an idea of perfection.

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Bespoke villa
Continuity between interior and exterior

An extraordinary architecture

No house developed by Axe&D Architecture can be called conventional. For every project, design follows client consultation, covering lifestyle, priorities, and innermost desires. Before we begin the creation process, it is our clients who describe to us the homes which they have imagined and their ways of life. We then translate this into the one true home we create for each client: the home which could belong to no-one else.

Unique projets with an original approach and a technical absolutely mastered.

An extraordinary property for sale or for rent ?


Absolute serenity and security

Absolute serenity and security Axe&D has taken care of everything to allow you to concentrate on the joys of constructing your home. The smooth progress of your project is supported by several guarantees, providing more all-encompassing cover than almost any other developer, accompanied by rigorous project organisation and numerous controls at each stage of construction. Watch a full-scale test of our system. The result: we can proudly label our buildings with seismic performance ratings which rank them among the best. In the face of such events — thankfully rare — our buildings offer an additional degree of protection which could make all the difference. These qualities explain the boom in wood construction in all sectors, going well beyond the domain of individual homes. As a result, we are seeing construction of wooden towers soar towards heights of 60 m (approximately 197 ft), with new records set daily.

Prestige & exclusivity

Over the course of three decades, Axe&D’s architectural concepts, only gaining in audacity and prestige in every setting, have raised the company to the rank of the greats. We continue to create exclusive villas entirely designed according to the wishes of our clients. Occasionally, inspired by a particular plot of land or in order to realise an architectural idea of our own, we offer our own creations, put up for sale once built and fully decorated.

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